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My name is Matt Cambridge. I started this blog in 2016 when I moved back to the US after living abroad for two years and discovered a passion for writing. Here you’ll find monthly posts about my life: Work. Marriage. Parenting. Triumph. Failure. If reading my work helps you to laugh, cry, and think, I’ll be happy. You can read more of my work monthly at the post calvin.

Responding to my Blog Haters

Responding to my Blog Haters

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Last year, before seeing Hamilton in Chicago, I wrote a piece in which I ranked The “Definitive” Top 12 songs in the show. Somehow, if you search “Top Hamilton Songs” in Google, this piece is the second result, which is why over 20,000 people have read it (Real friends will keep me humble). I’m not entirely sure why, but not every reader was thrilled about it. It’s time for me to break my silence and respond.

you're so full of yourself before the list that I read your stupid list just for fun


MC: I almost understood this entire comment Ryan! Thank you so much for reading. I’m so thankful kids these days are still reading “for fun.” The way this world is moving, I figured by now youths would all be smoking Dabs and sucking Ubers with no regard for manners or fine art. You give me faith that this world is in good hands with the next generation.

Loved this article! The only thing I disagree on is Right Hand Man as number #1?? I just can't rank that above One Last Time, Yorktown, Quiet Uptown, Alexander Hamilton, and pretty much every other one on your list haha.


MC: Dear Lauren, wow, so sweet of you to chime in. The roller coaster journey you took me on in this comment rivals a trip on Splash Mountain after a few glasses of wine. The comment begins with a very nice compliment, then you decide to crap on the entire piece. You then end with “haha,” which makes me question your entire critique. It reminds me of the time my third-grade teacher wrote on my multiplication tables quiz, “Matt – great job! Now learn your multiplication tables and you’ll be all set.” But yes, I do believe Right Hand Man is Number Number Sign One. #NumberSign

“I was damn near crying by the end, not like the beautiful, salty tears I’ll probably weep when I finally see the show live tomorrow, but the kind of tears fathers probably weep when they witness their daughters leaving the house in slutty Halloween costumes for the first time. It was horrible, and I hope I never have to re-live it. I wouldn’t wish it upon you either"



MC: I never knew I would be famous enough online to have readers posting entire block quotes of my work in their responses. I feel like a scholar! It’s hard to tell if your three hugs and kisses are real, because you then seem to reverse course with a lot of hurtful capital letters. YOU’RE JUST LIKE LAUREN!

I feel like, this is a very subjective ranking. You should probably consider changing the title of the article to "My personal ranking of the top 12 Hamilton songs."


MC: mARTHA023, my girl! All I can say is that your feelings are subjective. If you would kindly re-read the title of the piece, we are talking about “definitive” rankings of the top 12 Hamilton songs, not my personal ranking. Also, it’s been forever. How have you been? How’s the Myspace profile going??

I'm happy that RHM is #1. I normally don't see it on there. I pretty much agree with these songs, just not really the order that much.


MC: What is it with everyone switching course in the middle of a comment?!? For a second I thought I would be freed from the torturous life as an online punching bag, but NO. You need to make up your mind, as! What does “as” stand for, anyway?! Amiably Sarcastic???

OMG HAS NO ONE HEARD BURN????? Absolute best Hamilton song


MC: Hi Bella, OMG. I have heard Burn. Burn is a song about a woman who finds out she has been repeatedly cheated on by her husband by way of a public document he wrote to preserve his political career. It’s incredibly depressing. When I’m in my car on the way home from a great day at work, I’m not jamming and belting out “THE WORLD HAS NO PLACE IN OUR BED!!!” And when I’ve had a particularly bad day, I just queue up “It’s Quiet Uptown” and weep quietly to myself.

FINALLY, popular culture makes history cool. It's about time we found an excuse to look into the past!

-“Guy who pretends to know about things from social media posts”

MC: How dare you.

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